House of Representatives

Representative Scott Fetgatter
District 16 -  Republican


A&B Finance, Chair
Alcohol, Tobacco and Controlled Substances
Appropriations and Budget
Joint Committee on Appropriations and Budget
Joint Committee on Pandemic Relief Funding
Joint Committee on Pandemic Relief Funding - Transportation, Infrastructure and Rural Development Working Group



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County(s) Represented in District

Muskogee, Okmulgee, Tulsa

Municipality(s) Represented in District

Beggs, Bixby, Boynton, Broken Arrow, Bryant, Council Hill, Dewar, Grayson, Henryetta, Hoffman, Leonard, Liberty, Morris, Okmulgee, Preston, Schulter

Zipcode(s) Represented in District

74008, 74011, 74047, 74421, 74422, 74428, 74431, 74436, 74437, 74445, 74447, 74456, 74460, 74880

Year Elected

Year: 2016

Term Limited

Year: 2028

Biographical Information

Rep. Scott Fetgatter was elected to serve House District 16 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2016.

A native of Okmulgee, Oklahoma, he moved there with his family in 1972. He is married to his wife, Kim, and they have two children, Cody and Meagan, as well as four grandchildren.

Before his election, he owned a construction company specializing in theme construction. He has also worked in sales and marketing for a web-based technology company, as well as in the grocery business.

As a first-year legislator, he was crucial in extending the aerospace engineering incentives. He helped prolong three tax credits for eight years, which created more stability and growth for aerospace companies. Two years after the extension, the aerospace industry became Oklahoma's second-largest economic driver, surpassing agriculture.

Notably, Fetgatter authored the Automotive Engineering Tax Credit and secured four million dollars in funding for the Governor's Quick Action Closing Fund, demonstrating his commitment to fostering economic development and stability in Oklahoma.

In 2021, he authored the Filmed in Oklahoma Act, creating one of the most competitive film incentives in the nation. Notable productions following the legislation include Killers of the Flower Moon and Reservation Dogs, along with many other smaller films and documentaries.

As Chairman of the House A&B Finance Committee for six years, Fetgatter has led initiatives to promote business-friendly policies in Oklahoma. He also serves on the Appropriation and Budget, Alcohol, Tobacco and Substances, and Agriculture Committees.

Fetgatter is a Choctaw Nation citizen and staunch supporter of tribal sovereignty while also representing the state's interests, fostering collaboration between tribal and state entities.

During the past eight years, Fetgatter has been dedicated to promoting economic development and diversity in Oklahoma to make the state more business-friendly. His favorite part of the job is assisting his constituents in House District 16 with their daily needs.


House of Representatives, 56th Legislature to present