House of Representatives

Representative Jim Grego
District 17 -  Republican


Assistant Majority Whip


Transportation, Vice Chair
A&B Natural Resources
Rural Development



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County(s) Represented in District

Latimer, Pittsburg

Municipality(s) Represented in District

Adamson, Alderson, Bache, Blanco, Bug Tussle, Canadian, Canadian Shores, Crowder, Fanshawe, Gowen, Haileyville, Hartshorne, Indianola, Kiowa, Krebs, Longtown, McAlester, Panola, Pittsburg, Quinton, Red Oak, Savanna, Wilburton

Zipcode(s) Represented in District

74425, 74430, 74432, 74442, 74501, 74522, 74528, 74536, 74545, 74546, 74547, 74553, 74554, 74560, 74561, 74563, 74565, 74571, 74574, 74578, 74966

Year Elected

Year: 2018

Term Limited

Year: 2030

Biographical Information

Jim Grego is a native of Latimer County, born in McAlester, the eighth of 12 children. The family lived on a small farm southwest of Wilburton.

He worked his way through school at Eastern Oklahoma State College and Oklahoma State University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in animal science in 1977. After graduating, he worked throughout Texas with the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture before he returned to Wilburton in 1986.

Grego served 22 years as the chairman of the Latimer County Conservation District and 20 years as the chairman of the West End Fire Dept. He is a board member on the Bowers School House community board.

He previously served as the postmaster at the U.S. Post Office in Talihina. Today he owns and operates a cattle farm in Latimer County.

Grego and his wife, Sandy, have been married for 44 years. They have two children and two grandchildren.

Grego is staunchly pro-life and fights to protect rural values and constitutional freedoms. As a lawmaker, he co-authored one of the most aggressive pro-life bills in history. He also helped lead the charge in addressing regulations and promoting Oklahoma and American beef. He's worked to help his rural neighbors get emergency services as well as high-speed broadband internet connectivity. He's delivered on promoting rural Oklahoma job growth and health care and has protected rural schools as well as Second Amendment rights and much more.


House of Representatives, 57th Legislature to present