House of Representatives

Representative Toni Hasenbeck
District 65 -  Republican


Public Health, Vice Chair
Appropriations and Budget
A&B Education
Joint Committee on Appropriations and Budget



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County(s) Represented in District

Caddo, Comanche

Municipality(s) Represented in District

Anadarko, Apache, Binger, Carnegie, Cement, Cyril, Eakly, Edgewater Park, Elgin, Fletcher, Fort Cobb, Gracemont, Lake Ellsworth Addition, Lakeside Village, Lawton, Medicine Park, Sterling, Washita

Zipcode(s) Represented in District

73005, 73006, 73009, 73015, 73017, 73021, 73029, 73033, 73038, 73042, 73047, 73053, 73055, 73059, 73079, 73082, 73092, 73503, 73507, 73538, 73541, 73567

Year Elected

Year: 2018

Term Limited

Year: 2030

Biographical Information

Representative Toni Hasenbeck proudly serves House District 65, which includes Caddo and Comanche Counties. She was elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2018.

During the previous 59th Legislature, Representative Hasenbeck served as a House Floor Presiding Officer and as vice chair of the House Public Health Committee. As a freshman, she served as vice chair of the House Appropriations & Budget Subcommittee on Education, and is currently a member of the committee. She also sits on the full House Appropriations & Budget Committee and on the House Agriculture Committee.

Hasenbeck is a proud alumna of Oklahoma State University. After college, she worked for 19 years as an educator, teaching all ages of children and working in three school districts. She holds a master’s degree from Cameron University.


House of Representatives, 57th Legislature to present