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Representative Carl Newton
District 58 -  Republican

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A&B Natural Resources, Chair
Appropriations and Budget
Joint Committee on Appropriations and Budget
Public Health
Rural Development



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County(s) Represented in District

Alfalfa, Garfield, Major, Woods, Woodward

Municipality(s) Represented in District

Aline, Alva, Ames, Amorita, Avard, Burlington, Byron, Capron, Carmen, Carrier, Cherokee, Chester, Cleo Springs, Dacoma, Drummond, Enid, Fairview, Freedom, Goltry, Helena, Hillsdale, Hopeton, Isabella, Jet, Lahoma, Lambert, Meno, Mooreland, Nescatunga, Quinlan, Ringwood, Waynoka, Woodward

Zipcode(s) Represented in District

73663, 73703, 73716, 73717, 73718, 73719, 73722, 73726, 73727, 73728, 73729, 73731, 73735, 73737, 73739, 73741, 73743, 73746, 73747, 73749, 73753, 73754, 73755, 73758, 73760, 73761, 73763, 73768, 73801, 73838, 73842, 73852, 73853, 73860

Year Elected

Year: 2016

Term Limited

Year: 2028

Biographical Information

Dr. Carl Newton is an optometrist who has served patients for many years in the area surrounding his hometown of Cherokee. He recently sold his eye clinic. He also owns a family farm.

Dr. Newton is a fiscal conservative who believes in keeping government and regulation of private citizens and businesses small. He is a proponent of adequately supporting core public services such as education, transportation, health care, mental health care, public safety, agriculture, wildlife and others.

Dr. Newton was born in Waynoka, Oklahoma. He is married to Jacque, and the two have three children. He holds a Bachelors’ degree from Oklahoma State University and received his Doctor of Optometry degree from Northeastern State University.


House of Representatives, 56th Legislature to present