House of Representatives

About Fiscal Division

The Fiscal Division is charged with aiding the House of Representatives in the development of the state budget. A staff member is assigned to each House Appropriations and Budget Subcommittees and is responsible for analyzing fiscal issues associated with the state entities under the Subcommittee. The primary focus of the staff is to analyze the budgetary needs and funding resources available to state agencies under each Subcommittee’s purview. The Fiscal Division also analyzes all proposed legislation for potential fiscal impact to the state budget. For a better understanding of the systematic development of the state’s annual budget see the Appropriations Process.

Contact Staff List

Staff Name with Email Link/Job Title
John McPhetridge   
Director of Fiscal & Counsel
Mariah Searock   
Deputy Fiscal Director and Counsel
Cole Stout   
Senior Fiscal Policy Analyst
Terri Ihnat   
Assistant to Appropriations and Budget
Zach Lein   
Assistant Fiscal Counsel
Jay St Clair   
Fiscal Policy Analyst
Robert Flipping   
Fiscal Policy Analyst
Zach Penrod   
Fiscal Policy Analyst
Alexandra Ladner   
Fiscal Policy Analyst