House of Representatives

As stated in Rule 3.2 of the House Rules of the 55th Oklahoma Legislature, the Clerk is required to:

3.2 – Clerk of the House
(a) The Clerk of the House, under the direction of the Speaker, shall have general charge and supervision over the legislative procedure of the House.
(b) The Clerk of the House shall be responsible for:
    1. publication of all House calendars and agendas;
    2. publication of bills, resolutions and amendments;
    3. publication of standing committee reports, special committee reports, and conference committee reports; and
    4. preparation, indexing and publication of electronic and tangible versions of the House Journal.
(c) The Clerk of the House shall have custody of and be responsible for the safekeeping of all bills and resolutions pending in the House at the final adjournment of the First Regular Session of the Legislature.
(d) All official papers, records, reports, testimony presented and other materials belonging to the House shall be entrusted to the care and custody of the Clerk of the House.
(e) Official copies of all bills and resolutions and other materials as designated by the Speaker shall not be removed from the Office of the Clerk for any purpose except upon order of the Speaker.
(f) Communications shall be prepared and signed by the Clerk of the House under the direction of and in the name of the Speaker.
(g) The Clerk of the House of Representatives shall be the guardian of electronic signatures for the House of Representatives and shall be authorized to make determinations as to validity and authenticity of electronic signatures.
(h) If transmitting bills, resolutions or messages electronically to the Senate, Governor or Secretary of State, the Clerk of the House shall establish safeguards to protect against unauthorized users.