House of Representatives

The evolution of the House of Representatives has been accompanied by the expansion of its staff and the emphasis on its professionalism. In contrast to the staff who served in the house during early statehood, today's staff is nonpartisan and employed on the basis of merit rather than patronage.

The staff well into the 1920's was relatively small, ranging from under fifty for the 1907-8 session to more than one hundred in the 1920's. Among the positions filled in that first session was that of Chief Clerk.

Despite the salaries offered (six dollars per day for the first Chief Clerk), staff appointments were highly sought, and they were made on a patronage basis the first several decades after statehood. Chief Clerks rotated each biennium until the 1950's.

By the late 1940's, the House staff made major progress in terms of taking on a more professional outlook. Employment practices were no longer based on political patronage, but on merit (not to be confused with the merit system created in 1959). Key positions in the Chief Clerk's office became full-time, allowing for continuity and expertise to develop. Beginning with Louise Stockton in 1949, the House has had tremendous continuity in the Chief Clerk's office. Besides Stockton (1959-75), Richard Huddleston (1975-83), and Larry Warden (1983-2005, except for Irene McConathy during the second 1983 special session), Joel Kintsel (2005-2011), Jan Harrison (2011-2019) have had long tenures as House Chief Clerk. Current Interim Chief Clerk Emily Giles (2019-present).

Chief Clerk by Legislature

 Legislature   Chief Clerk    Legislature  Chief Clerk    Legislature  Chief Clerk
 1st  Charles H. Pittman    18th  Frank Raab    57th-58th  Emily Giles
 2nd  William H. Ebey
 Albert Shields
 (Special Session)
   19th  Lucien Spear
 H. R. Christopher
 (Special Session)
 3rd  Charles H. Pittman
 (Special Session)
 G. A. Crossett
   20th  H. R. Christopher
 4th  Gus Pool    21st  Bob Barr
 5th  J. G. March    22nd  Thomas P. Holt
 6th  C. C. Childers    23rd  A. Redford
 7th  H. R. Christoper
 W. A. Durant
 (Special Session)
   24th  Eddie Higgins
 8th  Albert Ross    25th  Carl Staas
 9th  C. H. Kendle
 Isaac W. Gray
 (Special Session)
   26th  Ellen W. Bridges
 10th  C. J. Kendle    27th-34th  Louise Stockton
 11th  Bert McDonel    35th  Louise Stockton
 Richard Huddleston
 (Special Session)
 12th  Bert McDonel
 Mabel Sherin
 (Special Session)
   36th-38th  Richard Huddleston
 13th  W. A. Durant    39th  Richard Huddleston
 Larry Warden
 (acting during the 1st
 1983 special session)
 Irene McConathy
 (starting with the 2nd
 1983 special session)
 14th  R. M. McCool    40th-49th  Larry Warden
 15th  Richard H. Cloud    50th-52nd  Joel Kintsel
 16th  Andrew Farley
 Succeeded by
 Harry Pennicker
   53rd  Joel Kintsel
 (1st Session)
 Jan Harrison
 (2nd Session)
 17th  R. M. Massey    54th-56th   Jan Harrison